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The Spirituality Mind Body Institute, New York City 2017 - 2019

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Columbia university


Assistant Program Instructor, Costa Rica 2013-2017

  • Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training, 200-hour
  • Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator, 100-hour
  • Essential Nature Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, 100-hour
  • Pranassage Practicioner Training, 100-hour


  • Holistic Health Coaching Program, 2011-2012
  • Immersion Business Development Program, 2012-2013
  • The Integrative Nutrition Conference - Long Beach, CA, 2012


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2004-2008
  • Sigma Delta Tau, Beta Phi Chapter Executive Board:
    • President
    • New Member Educator
    • Scholastics and Philanthropy

& Trainings


  • Embodied Leadership Somatic Coaching Supervision, Dr. Carmela Bennett
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America:
    -  Personal Trainer
    -  Group Fitness
    -  Cardio KickBoxing
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Cadaver Dissection Workshop, Dr. Joe Muscolino
  • Assistant Researcher, Dr. Shadhidharan, Mount Sinai Neurology Lab
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The Wonder Yogi Story

The Wonder Yogi Story

Life IS a transformational Journey


My own journey started with a curiosity to understand how I could make the world a better place. I fell in love with science at an early age, but still I wasn't satisfied. My question-asking led me down a rabbit-hole of discovering my own truth.

I studied biology, neurology, and psychology. But after college, I decided to accept a position as a personal trainer at a fitness club in Times Square. I wanted to help people in a practical way. That led me to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There I learned about holistic health and the importance of "primary food" in our lives: supportive relationships, a connection to spirituality, creativity, and purpose as true nourishment.

Rising up in my fitness profession, I decided to work on my image by competing in a figure show. That experience earned me a deep understanding of myself, because perfectionism took over with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, and ultimately an identity crisis. It was time for me to face my dragons.

Even though I had achieved outward success and the "perfect body", inside it all felt meaningless. Questioning my motivations and why I was even here in this world, I had to surrender all the striving. I realized I couldn't do it all on my own, and I finally asked for guidance. My inner knowing told me that yoga was the path out of my struggles.

I found myself answering the call to be in the healing jungles of Costa Rica. Over the following four years of learning and teaching with the Nosara Yoga Institute, I was transformed by the field of unconditional love and consciousness created there.

Through all of my work. with yoga students and coaching clients, I've witnessed groups and individuals, like myself, make major changes in their lives. They've ignited the divine spark of power within and gained a new, more expansive perspective on being in the world.

I'm now currently taking my next educational step through Columbia University's Clinical Psychology program in Spirit Mind Body. I now integrate Eastern & Western philosophy, positive psychology, shadow work, yogic practice, and chakra work. With the map of the archetypal hero's journey, I have developed a multi-disciplinary program for leading a truly super-powered life.

I share my story with you to highlight that we are on this radical ride called life together. I've experienced much along my path and am blessed to have found my calling as a spiritual guide and co-facilitator of your unique evolution and true becoming. Join me on this inner quest - the journey of a lifetime: being who you are meant to be in all of your heroic greatness!

Love, Dharana





Do you believe you create your own reality?


It is your birthright...

to move toward your destiny - to become who you were uniquely born to be. As human-beings, we have evolved with a myriad of powers. With the ability to purposefully imagine and manifest, we can create the life we dream. Through our voice and actions, we create a ripple effect that can change our world. By understanding and building upon our basic human powers, we can tap into next-level SuperPowers.

ENTER: the YOGA practice

If you want to live your truth, your purpose, you have to look within. The fundamental question of yoga is: Who am I?

Yoga is an art and a science, a philosophy and a discipline. Delving into the practice of yoga requires you to face yourself, with presence, both on and off the mat. By learning to simply watch and listen without judgment, we train our self-awareness, the transcendent space of "witness consciousness". Accepting all aspects of light and dark in us, we can integrate and cultivate our authenticity.

This is the adventure of a lifetime - it's your SuperHero's Journey.

Eventually, we find ourselves living from this place of wholeheartedness and creative expression. New possibilities and powers arise, when we are no longer stuck repeating old unconscious patterns. We develop a deep strength and resiliency, and become more flexible and forgiving. Best of all, this new relationship to our self naturally carries over to our relationships with others - proof we're all connected.

As we spontaneously radiate our light, a reflection of our expanded consciousness, we inspire others to do the same.

Through the practice of yoga, we come home to who we truly are. By accessing our inner realms, and a higher consciousness, we can experience the ultimate reality: Oneness - the union of Self, Truth, and unconditional Love.

My journey has taught me this: We save ourselves, by being ourselves - stepping, courageously into our truth. And this is how we save the world.







From Daryl:

"I cannot say enough to do justice to the quality of Meriah's presence and transmission in our MindBodyFit classes.

I was introduced to hatha yoga at a young age to heal a congenital back condition. Being brought up by a mentally unstable mother, I became interested in the mind-body connection early in life, and spent many years doing inner work, which culminated in my becoming a mind-body therapist and yoga and meditation teacher. In recent years, I've supplemented my yoga practice with intense physical exercise to sustain my aging body. What I have found is that physical exercise has evolved to become more intelligent and yogic, and yoga classes are also becoming more « physical » as in physical fitness. Since retiring from teaching years ago, I have had plenty of time to sample many yoga styles and teachers as well as different physical fitness approaches, and I can truly say that in Meriah’s Mind-Body-Fit classes I have found a highly evolved marriage of both yogic integrity and intelligent and effective physical workouts.

Yoga teachers will often take a moment to ask at the beginning of a class if anyone has any physical issues that need to be favoured or addressed but not all address them in the class that follows. Meriah adresses them creatively with innovative body-wise sequences that always make me feel « this is exactly what I need ». Her instruction reveals her knowledge of the body and her sensitive awareness of each students’ limits while respecting and supporting their potential to exceed them. You’ll get more than the classic hatha yoga postures and deepen your yogic experience while becoming super-fit. Don’t be fooled by her youthful appearance and modesty. Meriah is a gifted, knowledgeable, mature, and fully committed teacher, and you will feel the same appreciation and respect that you feel for her coming from her. Thank you Meriah."

From Lily:

"When I started out with Meriah’s holistic health coaching program, I felt a general need for change in my life. My initial goals were broad - I wanted to improve my mental, physical, and spiritual health. Meriah was able to help me clarify and work toward my goals, not only by providing me with various tools for the concerns I expressed, but also by being supportive and flexible. She is versatile and was able to come up with ideas to attend to every issue I brought up, whether it was nutritional, mental, emotional, spiritual, yoga-related, etc. Not only did we discuss a plan of action during our sessions, she would also check in with me in between our meetings to touch base on my progress, send supplementary information, or provide words of motivation.

Although she knows a lot about nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc., she also took the time to do research in order to provide additional information that was relevant to my specific health concerns. The biggest physical change I noticed through the program was a substantial reduction in gastrointestinal discomfort through the implementation of dietary changes, such as elimination of irritants from my diet. This was not something I was successful in doing on my own in the past.

As a supplement to the nutrition coaching, I would also highly recommend doing some yoga or meditation sessions with Meriah. It is an altogether centering, transformative, and loving experience that could help launch or deepen one's own yoga practice. For me, the most significant change I’ve noticed has been a more positive and peaceful state of mind. This has lead to fewer stressful reactions to my environment, a better outlook on life, and an increase in determination to push forward with all my other improvements.

Meriah is very kind and non-judgmental, as she was supportive of my goals and gave direction without being pushy. She’s accommodating, resourceful, creative, and knowledgeable, especially in the areas of yoga and nutrition. I would recommend her to anybody looking to make improvements in their lives. Since she’s so versatile in terms of the services she offers, she would be able to accommodate a broad range of issues. She’s very easy to work with."

From Judy:

"Working with Meriah on my health and fitness goals over the past year has changed my life for the better! She went beyond the basics of good nutrition to create a program that approached my health from a full mind-body perspective—not only did we discuss diet, but also the factors in my work and life that might affecting my health, recognizing the way all of our behaviors and habits affect our health. In addition, she always inspires me to try something new in the gym! Since working with Meriah, I have become stronger and more fit, discovered that my willpower is stronger than I ever thought, and developed much healthier eating habits. Plus, I’ve lost more than 40 lbs., and because of the way I’ve changed my cooking and food choices, even my husband has lost weight! Thank you, Meriah!"

From Steph:

"I met Meriah through personal training at N.Y. Sports Club and she changed my outlook on fitness and my workout approach completely. Like many New Yorkers, I struggle to find the time while juggling work and a social life. Meriah trained me in a way that I was able to workout for a shorter amount of time with less cardio and more weights. I was of the mindset that I just wanted to be skinny, but after a few months in of training with Meriah, I started to get definition in my arms and back and it definitely changed my view and fitness goals. She was very realistic with the fact that I wasn’t going to eat completely clean, and that I was still going to go out on the weekends, and she catered my workouts to my lifestyle for optimal results. Her positive coaching made me want to workout on my days off from training so that I could keep momentum and continue with my results. These results didn’t go unnoticed either! It was a great feeling seeing friends and them noticing all the hard work that I was putting in with Meriah.

I have had trainers my whole life but I can honestly say that Meriah is the best trainer that I’ve ever had. She becomes completely invested in her clients and their well-being. As long as you commit to following her lead and giving your best, you are guaranteed to get amazing results with her!"

From Caroline:

"The most valuable thing I experienced in my Pranassage session was the ability to completely relax and regenerate, while receiving all the benefits of a yoga practice. I felt I was able to move more deeply into postures safely and supported. Meriah, you have a very special gift, you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. The pressure was perfect, you have incredible intuition. You connect. I feel incredible, so relaxed and grounded. I am so grateful. "

sessions & services

sessions & services

Sessions & Services

skype or IN-PERSON

lifestyle & Nutrition

single Guide session
or 6-month program

discover how to nourish yourself in a way that is ideal for your needs & lifestyle. there's no one-size-fits-all diet, I focus on a simple, plant-based super-food diet. we receive energy in various forms, so this program focuses on creating balance, through goal setting, developing healthier habits, self-care, and exploring what feeds your soul.


pranassage ®
a creative synthesis of Yoga & BoDYWoRK

60 min / 90 min / 120 miN sessions

prana is our life-force energy. this deeply restorative experience is intended to support your vitality, generate deep relaxation, stimulate fascia, and restore fluid, efficient movement. your body is moVED through a therapeutic series oF STRETCHES & PoSTURES, in order to passively receive the  benefits of a complete yoga session. Fully-clothed & comfortable, enhanced with essential oils & accupressure.



60 minute or 90 minute session

hatha yoga focuses on creating balance and freedom in the body-mind-spirit being through postures and breathwork. learn the energetic dynamics and structural foundations of the poses with my hands-on assists. experience the yoga practice as a journey of self-inquiry. access deeper levels of meditation and expanded awareness.


personal training 

single session / SIX-week program

whether you're working out at home, with your own bodyweight, or you're a weekend warrior at the gym - RECEIVE a complete, personalized FITNESS program. with Functional movement, LEARN HoW to cultivate your own body, and using core-focsued EQUIPMENT SUCH AS the TRX suspension trainer, increase your mobility, strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. achieve the performance you desire.